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About Emily 

I am a left-handed, right-brained, extrovert who loves to throw an impromtu gatering in my yard. I am a frustrated Catholic who looks to history for the context of my faith in humanity. I rely on Mother Earth and Father Sky to ground me. I am a cancer survivor who lives in a state of grace and gratitude. I pray every morning and every night for continued health and joy and safety for my family. I have deep faith and know that science is truth as is the intangible energy that flows life through us as a river has many names. I see my father's spirit in every redtail hawk. I am mother, wife, sister, daughter. I am artist and healer. I am healed and seek to life my life as art.  

I am also a massage and myofascial release therapist.

Making the Magic
Magical Memories for Everyone

The How & the Why

Dear friends asked me to officiate their wedding in 2014.  After being raised in a progressive Catholic Church,  and approaching my own ceremony as a sacrament,  I took time to consider this request made from a place of love and trust. After reflection, I decided that as lay person officiant I did possess an inclusive, intentional and open-hearted calling to offer couples a celebration of marriage that honors a wedding's significance.

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